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    There’s no better way to start your morning than with a hot cup of coffee and some freshly baked bread.
    That’s why at Eli’s bakery we’re up early and open by 5:00 AM. We want you to enjoy fresh bread as soon as you’re ready.
    Our mission is to bake the freshest treats and most comforting breads at our Mexican-style bakery. Come and see us in Pasco, WA and enjoy delicious Champurrado any time of day.
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Corn bread
Corn Bread

A lightly sweetened corn bread makes for an appetizing treat that we highly recommend at any time of day. Enjoy it with a warm drink at Eli’s bakery in Pasco, WA.

Mexican bread
Mexican Bread

From bolillo and beyond, our bakery in Pasco, WA bakes up delicious Mexican bread even before the sun is up. Each loaf is made on site every morning so you know you’re enjoying bread the way it was intended—fresh out of the oven.


An early morning needs a hot drink, and our coffee is always brewing. Of course if you need less caffeine and more chocolate, we’d recommend our Champurrado, a Mexican staple that is warm, rich, and delicious.

Mini Desserts

From our deliciously sweet arroz con leche to our vast assortment of mini desserts, you’ll find something to satisfy your sweet tooth at Eli’s bakery. And as always, everything will be freshly made.

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